Antennas (2)

The antenna is an important part of your drone. There are generally two types of antennas on your drone.

Batteries (4)

There are various battery types and tools used for flying drones.
Buzzers & Hellgates

Buzzers & Hellgates (2)

Buzzers are a great safeguard for any drone. The super loud alarm will alert you to where you lost your quad.

Cameras (1)

The FPV or first-person view camera is a small and lightweight camera that mounts onto the drone.

Capacitors (0)

A capacitor is an electronic device that stores electrical energy in an electric field.

ESC (0)

An electronic speed control or ESC is an electronic circuit that controls and regulates the speed of an electric motor.
Flight Controllers

Flight Controllers (11)

The flight controller also commonly referred to as its acronym FC is the heart and brain of the multirotor aircraft.
FPV Video

FPV Video (1)

Drone FPV goggles and monitors are portable screens that allows the pilot to see where the drone is flying.

GPS (2)

A GPS stands for global positioning system and is a satellite navigation system that uses a radio receiver to collect signals from orbiting satellites to determine the position, speed, and time of the connected drone.

Motors (0)

The motor on a drone with a connected propeller is what provides thrust to elevate the drone into the air.
Power Distribution Board

Power Distribution Board (0)

The Power Distribution Board (PDB) is a printed circuit board that used to distribute power from the flight battery to different components of the multirotor drone aircraft.

Props (0)

The Drone Propellers are a crucial component to keep your multirotor in the air. The prop will have the most direct impact on how your machine flies.

Radio (5)

The radio transmitter (TX) controller goes in your hands and the receiver (RX) receiver goes into your drone. This what controls your multirotor aircraft.

VTX (2)

VTX stands for video transmitter, it's an essential part of an FPV system.