Naked GoPro GH1.25 Power Connector

Naked GoPro GH1.25 Power Connector

The GH 1.25 3P is the power connector needed for the original Naked GoPro BEC board.

This GH 1.25 connector when wired to your flight controller can be used to power your Naked GoPro. Checking the BEC that was used for input voltage you will be able to use battery power from 2-4s to step down to 5v 2A for your Naked GoPro. Proper wiring will also allow you to set up in Betaflight the ability to start/stop recording.

Wiring Examples

 Flywoo Explorer Goku Stack Naked GoPro Wiring
On the ESC two pads will provide power and ground for vbat voltage to solder your connector to. In the two images below you can see the soldering points.

flywoo goku gh125 wiring 1

flywoo goku gh125 wiring 2

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